Monday, 6 October 2008

6th October 2008

I received a fantastic email from Natasha.

‘Hey, i'm still buzzing with excitement! HOW RANDOM WAS THAT!!! I read your blog, i bet your happy I’m nothing like what you thought. I'm in my second year studying interior architecture and design. I moved to the UK from St.vincent and the Grenadines 4 years ago to further my education. I decided to stay here this summer to earn some money.’

It turns out that Natasha was not happy with her current part time job. She was at a bookshop in Oxford Street and had given her number to someone called Vicky. Vicky had said to her that she knows someone in Apple that could line her up with a job.

‘That brings me to the discarded phone number. Vicky a beautiful high spirited Aussie who works at the bookshop knows a Manager at the Apple store. She knew of a position that she thought i would be great for. So i scribbled my number on a bit of scrap paper the staff use to locate books.’


All that I need to do is find Vicky, and the phone number karma would be complete.

This is brilliant. I have not been so excited since I sat and watched the Mary Rose being dragged from the bottom of the sea. Although, I have to admit, it was a bit disappointing watching the telly for hours, only to be rewarded with a crane carrying what looked like a pile of mud with a huge skeleton in it.

That is beside the point.

I have the unique opportunity to bring Natasha and Vicky together. Perhaps Natasha will get her dream job in Apple.

And so, I phoned the bookshop in Oxford Street.

It rang for what seemed like hours…

Me: Hello, can I speak to Vicky?

Bookshop person: No she is not working today.

Me: Well could I leave a message?

BP: Yes, but I can’t guarantee that she will get it.

Me: Well, I met Vicky at a book signing last Friday. I am writing this book about discarded phone numbers, and Vicky was given a number by someone and I would like to get the two of them together.

BP: Hmm. It sounds a bit odd.

Me: Well, could I leave my number anyway?

BP: I’ll leave it in her pigeon hole.

So there we have it. My number is in Vicky’s pigeon hole. I wonder if she will return my call?