Wednesday, 1 October 2008

1st October 2008

Who does this number belong to?

Was this number left on the Bar deliberately?

The obvious solution is a Guinness fuelled romantic liaison. Why was it left on the bar? Did whoever it was given to decide that the tourist with the brightly coloured rucksack was not really for them?

Is it a builder offering to provide a quotation for building a retaining wall on overgrowing Mulberry bush in the back streets of County Wexford?

I don’t know.

But let’s find out.

I found the number over a month ago on a recent trip to Ireland. I had decided to do nothing with it. However, I was at a book launch on Friday, and I found another number scribbled on the back of some promotional material there. That is even more peculiar than finding the number in the pub. Presumably, everyone was trying to network and exchange numbers, so why leave it? Having gone to all the trouble of obtaining the number, you would think that people would have enough about them to put it in their purse/wallet, and take it home.

I am going to call these numbers to find out who they are.

Ok, I can imagine that I will receive a fairly sceptical response.

Me: Hello, I found your number at a book launch on Friday.

Number 2: And?

Me: Well, you know, I wanted to find out who you gave it to.

Number 2: Why?

Me: Well, I don’t know, I thought it may be interesting to find out your story.

Number 2: Look will you please just leave me alone, and don’t call on this number again.

This could end nowhere.

But I really didn’t think that I would apply to every job in the Guardian dated 29/9/07, and look what happened there.

So tonight Matthew, I will be ringing these numbers to find out who they are, and who they gave the number to.


LK said...

Hey captain,

Did you call them up or did you have one too many beers and fall asleep on the sofa???


guardianwork said...

Dear LK

I am a bit scared, but I will be calling them soon.